Crystal Advent Calendar


Countdown to the holidays with this years Crystal Advent Calendar. Perfect for counting down to Christmas, New Years or whatever holiday you celebrate. Also lovely for after the holidays to bring in the New Year!
Each box contains an assortment of crystals (tumbled stones, raw stones, crystal carvings, towers, jewelry and more!)
Every box comes with a free 2023 Lunar Calendar Art print.
This crystal advent calendar is a perfect gift for the gemstone or mineral lover in your life!

You can select a 7, 12 or 25 day option and will receive a variety of tumbled crystals, raw stones, crystal carvings, towers/points, jewelry and more!
Each stone will include a card with the metaphysical properties to help identify and learn about each of the crystals.

The 12 day advent will come in a purple & blue box, and the 25 day will come in a black box. Both of which can be upgraded to a holographic box.

The listing photos are examples of the crystals you will receive in the Crystal Advent Calendar.
Some crystals are not shown yet as they are still on their way to me, but photos will be updated upon their arrival!

All boxes will be shipped with USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day shipping) and are currently scheduled to arrive by December 1st if ordered by November 24th.
All orders placed November 25-27 are scheduled to arrive on December 1st.
*Due to only being able to put 1 shipping price, the 7 day box prices have been adjusted to make up for the $5 extra shipping charge*

7 Day Tumble - contains 7 tumbled stones
7 Day Tumble & Raw - contains a mix of 7 tumbled and raw crystals
7 Day Statements - 1 sphere, 3 shapes, 1 carving, 1 piece of jewelry and 1 mini tower
7 Day Mix - 1 sphere, 1 shape, 1 piece of jewelry, 4 tumbled and raw stones

12 Day Tumble - contains 12 tumbled stones
12 Day Tumble & Raw - contains a mix of 12 tumbled and raw crystals
12 Day Statements -1 sphere, 3 shapes, 5 carvings, 1 piece of jewelry, 1 large tower and 1 mini tower
12 Day Mix - 1 sphere, 2 shapes, 2 carvings, 2 pieces of jewelry, 1 large tower and 4 tumbled & raw stones

25 Day Mix 1 - 18 tumbled and raw stones, 1 piece of jewelry, 1 large tower, 2 carvings, 2 shapes and 1 sphere
25 Day Mix 2 - 15 tumbled and raw stones, 2 pieces of jewelry, 1 large tower, 1 mini tower, 3 carvings, 2 shapes and 1 sphere
25 Day Mix 3 - 10 tumbled and raw stones , 2 pieces of jewelry, 1 large tower, 2 mini towers, 6 carvings, 3 shapes and 1 sphere